We have a production staff of about 60 people most of who have been working with our family bussines for over 20 years.


Programing full fashion knits

Our programers use the latest technology of electronic design for our sweaters, They work in conjunction with our Design and Product development team  to create programs that are both designed beautifully and efficient to produce.



Electronic Knitting

The knitting area consists of full Fashion Electronic Flat knitting machines, Stoll and Protti in gauges that go from 1.5, 3 , 7 and 12. With these machines we can create Chunkys sweaters, fine pointelles, reversible jacquards, and all different kinds of stitches to meet the demands of the fashion industry. Our monthly capacity is 7,000 pcs per month between all the gauges.



All the sewing of each sweater is done by Italian Complett linking machines operated by our experienced ladies. 



Each sweater is hand finished, then Wash and finally Steam and ready for labeling, packing and Shipping.